Hand-puppet Creatures and their creators: RISD student fabricators from the Creature-Creation Class 2014.

Photos of some of the many locations where 14 Creature-Creation video sequences were shot on Feb 6, 2014. The final products will be screened during the Creature-Creation Show on March 1 & 2, 2014.

Alien-Helmet Creatures” gather with their extraterrestrial hand-puppet-spawn in the alley across from the BIG NAZO LAB on the last week of Creature-Creation Class, feb 6, 2014.
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HELMET-CREATURES and their hand-puppet spawn gather in the alley across from the NAZO LAB
Feb 6, 2014

HELMET CREATURES cross the street with captive creature-puppets on their return to the BIG NAZO LAB during the final week of Creature-Creation Class.

Creature-Helmets posed as paint dries…

RISD Creature-Creators paint their “Alien-Helmet Creature Heads” in a series of late night work sessions at the BIG NAZO LAB in the lead up to the last week of class.

Late-night fabrication of “Alien-Helmet Creatures” on Feb 2, 2014

Creature Helmet Designs passed around viewing circle while a “Tyvek-Suit Extraterrestrial” models creature hand-puppet/mask combination. Jan 24, 2014, Day # 7 (Week #3) Creature-Creation.

Hand Puppet-Creature “Mingle Session” on 1/23/14, Day 6, (Week #3) of RISD Creature-Creation Class at the BIG NAZO LAB.